Dreaming at Dusk: Claudia Li Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Enamored with the moment of freedom between dusk and dawn, Claudia Li showcased a surreal Spring/Summer 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week. Absolutely enchanting, her work delved into playful color choices, unusual layering devices and textural concoctions. Gazing down her line-up of stoic models, it’s easy to imagine why people were gravitating towards the all-metallic ensemble. Shaped like a denim jacket, the gold number was worn like a cape with a coordinating pair of culottes and orchid appliques — truly an outfit made for teenage dreams. Stylistically, Li was partial to draped layers: see the asymmetric denim dress and coat in yellow ochre to name a few. Most of her garments possessed this bulky quality, and it’s interesting to see that hefty boxy-ness juxtaposed against her more feminine creative decisions. Additionally, the fact that she included a few male models donning her looks was perhaps a nod to the impending unisex fashion movement. Li has a keen awareness of her aesthetic as a designer and it will suffice to say that her collection was both visually appealing and undoubtedly multi-faceted.

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