Day or Night: DbyD Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

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From sandy beige to darker hues, Korean designer Kang Dong-Jun explored a fluid palette while opposing subtle tones with contrasting blasts of color. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection for his label, DBYD, may have been inspired by Spike Jonze’s film Her, but what Kang produced this season provided a flawless transition from his ideal man’s refined daytime hours to his edgier nights, complete with a lookbook that’s as cinematographic as the film.

Kang punctuated a range of cool grays with bold burgundy options, and a staple of black pieces emphasized only by the effortless yet urban aesthetic we’ve come to anticipate from Dong-Jun. In essence of streetwear, yet boldly futuristic, this lookbook may not have captured the futuristic love story between Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, but perhaps more so the tale of “owning” and “being” that was an undercurrent throughout the film; a relationship evolving with every image, in color and design.

Against a backdrop of crisp modern architecture and minimalistic furnishings, Kang’s futuristic design came out in full force this season with reimagined hardware and high-waist trousers – very similar to the favorite pants of Phoenix’s character “Theodore”. Knits and outerwear were a strong emphasis throughout the lookbook, further articulating Kang’s sense of refined luxury and a distinct street inclination. These looks were nonchalant, cool and entirely contemporary – a refreshing combo clearly perfect for day or night.

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