The Kids Are Alright: Rocket x Lunch Fall/Winter 2016

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What do you do to blow off steam? Do you play the loudest of music and lose yourself to it? Do you sit in quiet meditation? The Rocket x Lunch Fall/Winter 2016 collection was inspired by the idea of Nirvana. Yes, the collection did hold essences of Kurt Cobain and his motley crew, but more drew inspiration from the Buddhist idea of liberation from rebirth, or the ultimate release.

Zips and cuts left limbs exposed from the garments. Velvets and furs shrugged off shoulders or were cut low enough to show off plunging décolletage. Satin and fur drew quite literally from the conceit, integrating Buddhist symbols and emblems decorated souvenir jackets. The collection was spurn from a melee of fabrics – neoprene and fun fur bombers topped corduroy flares while silken saffron tracksuits were paired with your grandmother’s knit jumper. As staple fabrics, velvet and fur took the spotlight: reincarnating in velvet dresses slinked under patchwork fur. The piece de resistance:  a patchwork fur coat, complete with snakeskin patterns and bold blue and red colors. It was a collection ripe with chaos – a chaos of being free.

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