Safari Subtleties: STYL.MYL. Fall/Winter 2016

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Say hello to STYL.MYL. Pronounced, “stylo-mylo,” the Singaporean brand takes its name from a slang term that describes someone as fashionable and chic. Completely unisex, the line prioritizes articulate garment construction and immaculate detailing over various prints and outright flamboyancy. Clean and contemporary silhouettes prevail, the tailoring a deviation from Singapore’s typically creative, avant-garde scene. Already showcased in Paris and during Shanghai Fashion Week, the brand’s accelerating growth is absolutely astonishing.

For their Fall/Winter 2016 season, the line seems apt for a luxurious excursion through the African safari. Indeed, we’re treated to spacious cargo pockets, classic camo prints as well as fur and leather materials. An earthy palette comprised of orange clay and shaded greens only reinforce the image of a grassy savanna under the baking sun. Traces of asymmetry, like in the diagonal hems or gathered dress, subtly stand as focal points of their own. As a unisex brand, long-line shirt dresses and wrap skirts easily double as layering devices for the urban boy. Coupled with boxy outerwear and a monogrammed cap, it’s a look that proves STYL.MYL.’s ability to effortlessly navigate the space between gendered wardrobes.

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