The Saints Go Marching In: Maikel Tawadros Fall/Winter 2016

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Tawadros keeps the flame ablaze.  In his Fall/Winter 2016 Collection, Maikel Tawadros communicates by the strict shapes and simple patterns through the conceit of Exercitus.  Exercitus is a Latin term meaning “Army”, taken by Tawadros to show off the orchestrated labor the tailored pieces shown throughout his craft.

Leather and structured silhouettes bound this collection to sentiments of dominatrix. Authority was instated in a reoccurring tasseled caps and chain linked belts that accessorized the shoulder of a navy blazer and as brooch on a jumpsuit.

A full-length dress, trimmed in velvet, held by chained straps, and layered over pinstriped wooly trousers shepherded a tender heart, in comparison to the abrasive nature of the slick leather car coat. A fur-laden vest, the shade of a parrot’s wing, was dressed over a velvet green shirt. Wool trousers paired with black buckled oxfords bestowed a middle ground between the extremes.

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