Old Soul: Steven Tai Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook

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Have you ever heard someone called an ‘old soul’? This term refers to a soul from another era, be it decades or centuries,  which is trapped in the current times. For his Fall/Winter 2016 collection, Steven Tai draws off the notion of an old soul trapped in a young person’s body, more specifically, the 1979 Jodie Foster flick.

Fabric choices were geriatric in origin: jackets were done in nostalgic corduroy while blouses were finished in sheening silks. Toned blouses were paired with hiked up granny panties and satin bloomers. Tai styled with an Apfel-ian flair. Accessories were oversized and eccentric: from round flame wire glasses to pearl threaded glasses chains. Thin socks in earthy tones of cream and brown fell lopsided on ankles. Duvet coats and vests were practical – just looking at them sends us back to the days where our elders would force us to put on a sweater before leaving our childhood homes.

Tai’s hand shone through in his craft: delicate hand embroidered details and precisely frayed edges showed the time Tai gives to each piece, and also aptly how his garments transcend time. Rather than trendy, fast-fashion garments, Tai creates pieces with a statement, ones that speak with a season-less aesthetic. Yes, it was our grandmothers love the collection was created, but created for us newer souls.

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