Mad Hatter: Moto Guo Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

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Wonderland is painted with the most bizarre and delightful creatures, and is never surpassed by the Mad Hatter himself. This peculiar character is synonymous with his top hats, but what does he look like without the creations which gave him his name? Moto Guo’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, The Pencil Pusher, gives us a glimpse into the man beneath the hat, in all his psycho-Victoriana glory.

For his latest collection, the Malaysian-based designer combines his signature quirkiness with traditional office style to reveal the personality within each whimsy individual. Ruffled navy-blue briefs embellished in crimson stripes were transformed from medieval to modern with the addition of suspenders over buttoned shirts, and pastel pockets added an unexpected focal point to otherwise-ordinary wide leg trousers. A hooded tunic embellished with patch pockets that formed a face gave the impression of one’s visible inner emotion, much like a creature that would be native to Wonderland. Tweed jackets with embellished kerchiefs nodded to the traditional garb of the Victorian era which, paired with slim-cut crimson leggings, balanced tradition with extravagant detail. Bomber jackets were softened by baby-blue gingham while still retaining a masculine silhouette, combining simplistic design with dexterous imagination. This glimpse into Wonderland is one like we’ve never seen before.

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